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Qynne & Dillon {A Sneak Peek}

Wednesday, July 29, 2015
It was the perfect shade of warm.  The day dawned with clear blue skies and a gentle breeze, the textbook combination for a mid-summer wedding.

When we arrived, Qynne was getting ready in her mother’s salon. The sounds of laughter and excited conversation echoed throughout the space. It must have been a familiar scene, played out at each of life’s milestones, with Qynne and her friends getting ready for the next big moment within those walls. Her childhood artwork still decorated the space, hung neatly in remembrance of the days of her youth.

Under the fading light of the sun, and in the shadow of majestic Mooreland Mansion, Qynne and Dillon danced, the warm glow washing them in heavenly light.  And as day eventually gave way to night, they celebrated, laughed and loved in the arms of their family and friends.

Kaitlyn & Kyle {A Sneak Peek}

Thursday, July 23, 2015
In the distance the echoing staccato of booms rang out while fire danced in the evening sky.  Resplendent showers of color poured down in the darkness as the nation celebrated her independence.  This is Kaitlyn’s favorite holiday.  And it was under this canopy of color and sound that she and Kyle said, “I do” and became husband and wife.

A few weeks before the wedding, I met with Kaitlyn and Kyle to go over the details of their day - I loved the gentleness with which she talked about her ideas; it was almost like savoring the memory of a sweet dream - romantic and classic with just a touch of summertime fun.  They both wore smiles at the idea.

The day dawned with a clear blue sky and the promise of a warm summer sun, perfect conditions to celebrate the Fourth of July and Kaitlyn and Kyle’s love.  As day gave way to night, family and friends gathered round to celebrate both with a little fireworks display of their own.