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Julia & Zak {A Wedding Day Peek}

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
The forecast that morning called for a chance of showers.  And though the day dawned with patches of bright blue sky peaking through the clouds, the early morning sun was slowly giving way to a gathering of rainclouds. 

“I forgot my dress” Julia said with a smile and a shrug of her shoulders.  Normally a realization such as this would send most brides into a roller coaster of nerves, but not Julia.   She just smiled and waited patiently for her dress to arrive, content in the fact that she would soon be marrying her best friend.  

While the rain did come that day, the gentle drops of a late spring shower only added to the beauty of their story.  For Julia and Zak, their wedding day wasn’t about the forecast or the dress; it was the beginning of a lifelong adventure together.  It was the promise of waking up every day to share life with each other.  And in one quiet moment, under the shelter of an umbrella surrounded by the soft sound of rain, Julia and Zak smiled at each other – for this; this was their special day.