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Rachel & Rob {A Few Favorites}

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Annie & Steve {A Sneak Peek}

Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Annie loves flowers.  Honestly if you spend any amount of time with her, somehow that love makes sense.  Colorful flowers bring only happiness and that’s Annie; you can’t help but smile when she does.  It is amazing to see her bring out that smile in Steve – when he looks at her, his whole world lights up.  

Seeing two people come together on their wedding day is magical – it’s a bit like watching a fairytale come to life.  I loved watching Annie and Steve love so carefree on their wedding day; how they laughed and smiled brought joy to everyone’s face.

With their family and friends surrounding them, in a room filled with flowers, Annie and Steve celebrated their own little fairytale, laughing and smiling long into the dark of night.

Renee & Alex {A Few Favorites}

Ashley & Tyler {A Sneak Peek}

Wednesday, September 16, 2015
They had me at rooftop wedding.  I loved the thought of pairing the softness of a wedding against the grand view of the urban landscape. The combination of textures: brick and steel paired with soft shades of pink and delicate bouquets of flowers, was perfection!

Ashley and Tyler are incredibly sweet – and honestly a ton of fun.  Their wedding was stunning, made even more so by their humor and willingness to laugh through life together.  Their wedding was everything that was important to them as a couple and at the center of it all, right where it belonged, was their love.

As the sunset that day over the skyline of Cleveland, I stole them away one last time.  In the darkness of night, on the rooftop where they became husband and wife only a few hours before, we made one more picture.  With the sounds of music and laughter from their reception muted to a quiet buzz, they held each other close while the city gently lit up the night sky.