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Monica & Dan {A Sneak Peek}

Thursday, November 26, 2015
Monica and Dan love the simpler things in life.  Time spent together, doing what they love, is far more precious than any material thing. You can see it when they're together - there is a quite solidness about them that only comes from being grounded in that perspective.

When I first photographed Monica and Dan for their engagement session, I was struck by how happy and laid-back they were. They were this fun-loving, down-to-earth couple that really seemed completely content to be in each other's company.  It wasn't until their wedding day that I realized that how much they truly complete each other.

During the getting ready portion of the day, Monica and Dan, like all couples, got ready separately; awaiting that magical moment when they first see each other.  Monica, at least on the outside, was calm, content and happy - ready to meet her soon-to-be husband at the alter.  When I caught up to Dan at the church, he too had that joyous sense of calm-readiness about him.  But it wasn't until they came together that they both seemed, well, complete.  Seeing them together, so happy and full of life, celebrating their love made me smile.  There is no greater joy then seeing two people marry their best friend.

Margaret & Tom {A Sneak Peek}

Monday, November 23, 2015
The sun shone brightly. A slight autumn chill tempered the day's warmth only slightly - it was a perfect day. The day began surrounded by friends - all through the salon the commotion of girls getting ready filled the space with energy, and at the center of it all, Margaret laughed and talked with friends wrapped in a shroud of contentment.

I remember when I first met Margaret and Tom. It was cold and the long night of winter made it seem much later than it was. We chatted and talked - and I knew somehow in that first meeting that these two were special - they had this perfect balance of laid-back outdoorsyness meets cocktail party.  I liked them immediately.

That balance carried over perfectly to their wedding - a blend of classic tradition sprinkled with Margaret and Tom's unique outlook.  The ceremony took place at the historic St. James Church in Lakewood, the reception at the jazz club Nighttown.  It was perfectly them. The sound of live music filled the air while they celebrated with their family and friends into the darkness of night.