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Marissa & Zach {A Few Favorites}

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ashley & Peter {A Sneak Peek}

Sunday, December 13, 2015
The best things in life aren’t things. They are the moments that make our hearts beat a little happier; they are the moments that make us smile so big others can’t help but smile with us.  They are quiet Sunday mornings; and sometimes, they are the chances that we take.

Peter and Ashley’s love spans the North American continent: a serendipitous result of Ashley’s decision to move to Canada.  I think one of the most fascinating things about my job is hearing each couples’ love story: the twist and turns of fate that lead two strangers to become husband and wife.   I often find myself silently marveling at them – at how everything had to come together just right for two people to meet.  The romantic in me smiles at the idea.

I first met Ashley through her cousin Megan (one of my past brides). And though it would be many months before I could meet her and Peter face-to-face, I liked her instantly.  It is the highest compliment I can receive to work with the same family again – to be entrusted with capturing so many special moments, not once but twice, is a huge honor. 

Peter and Ashley are so amazing together.  I love how their faces light up when they see each other - their smiles perfectly echoing the joy the other feels.  I love how gentle Peter is with his wife, how lovingly his eyes turn when he looks at her.  Amber and I loved getting to laugh and smile with them as we shared in the celebration of their love with their family - family that we now call friends.

And though we often look beyond the simple moments in life to grander times, I hope, at least every now and then, Peter and Ashley stop and marvel at all the simple moments that lead them to find each other in this great big world of ours.