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Rachel & Rob {A Sneak Peek}

Friday, October 30, 2015
It’s a well known fact amongst Rachel and Rob’s friends that ice cream makes Rob happy – and truth be told, his face did light up when one of his groomsmen handed him a cone.  Though, I don’t think anything really makes him as happy as Rachel.  He may have smiled at the ice cream, but the expression on his face was pure happiness when he saw her walking down the aisle.

That’s really how I think of them.  Rob with a big grin and Rachel nestled into his arms.  He has a way of getting her to laugh that’s almost magical – you really can’t help but smile along.

To see them dancing together by the soft glow of candle light, the grand space of the Springvale Ballroom filled with their family and friends, made me smile.  Together they swayed softly at the center of it all – two people so in love.  Rob sang along, privately serenading his wife as they danced.

Renee & Alex {A Sneak Peek}

Monday, October 26, 2015
Renee and Alex are proof that love is the universal language.  Finding that one person you are meant to be with across the vastness of the ocean is the stuff of fairytales.   But seeing these two smile and tend to one another leaves no doubt that they were truly destined to be. 

It was only fitting that they celebrated their love in the Arcade, one of the most unique and historic wedding venues in Cleveland – it was the perfect compliment to their love story, that mix of old world charm nestled in the heart of a growing, modern city.

Candlelight, flowers and little touches of Alex’s native France made the space the perfect backdrop for their families to come together and celebrate love in the most perfect and universal way; with smiles and laughter.

L’amour est comme le vent, nous ne savons pas d’où il vient” – Balzac
{Love is like the wind, we never know where it will come from}