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Sabrina & Dan {A Wedding Day Peek}

Friday, September 23, 2016
It was that perfect kind of late summer day; soft, fluffy clouds punctuated the rich, blue sky while a cool breeze danced its way through downtown.  Though autumn was still a few weeks away, the air bore a crispness that foretold its coming.  These are my favorite kind of days. 

Sabrina spent the morning getting ready surrounded by family.  The melodic sounds of laughter filled her spacious bridal suite, while all the little details that make every wedding unique completed the scene.  Amber and I caught up with Dan a short while later as he was getting ready.  The jacket of his uniform, festooned with rows of neat little ribbons and medals, hung proudly off to the side while his saber, custom engraved with their wedding date, rested upon the table. Yes, today was definitely going to be a good day!

Sabrina and Dan reminded me of a fairy tale.  There is something regal about a bride in her gown and a groom in his uniform. It was only fitting that Sabrina and Dan celebrated their marriage in such a grand space.  The late afternoon sun washed the scene in its warm glow while the gentle flickering of candlelight whispered promises of what was yet to come.  Long after the sun had set upon the city, Sabrina and Dan laughed and smiled with family and friends celebrating long into the night.  This was after all, the beginning of their happily ever after.

Photo Location: Cleveland Public Library
Cinematography: Workshed Weddings