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Haley & Mike - A Wedding Day Peek

Thursday, December 22, 2016
They stood on a carpet of gold.  The peek of fall’s resplendent color fell from the trees like warm colored raindrops while the late afternoon sun washed the cultural gardens in beautiful, golden light.  It was the perfect backdrop to Haley and Mike’s classically inspired wedding – a touch of 1940’s elegance mixed with old world charm and romance.  

Haley and Mike are this super amazing, laid-back couple that I kinda adore.  They have this really great playfulness about them while at the same time managing to be really expressive in their love for each other.   They truly are the best of both worlds.   I vividly remember thinking to myself at their engagement session how awesome their wedding was going to be.  My prediction was totally spot on!  Stylish, sophisticated, grounded – it was perfect!  

As the sunset that day and the last fiery glow of daylight painted the sky in defiance of the oncoming night, Haley and Mike celebrated their love and new marriage in a sea of their family and friends.  By the soft and gentle glow of candlelight, they danced – like long-lost characters out of an F. Scott Fitzgerlad novel.