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My Favorite Wedding

Wednesday, August 30, 2017
Somewhere in between the emails and dirty diapers, the wedding prep and managing not only a business but also daily life, it’s easy to loose myself in the to-do lists, charging batteries and finding time to eat.   But honestly those aren’t the moments that matter.  The moments that matter are the small ones – playing with my daughter and listening to her laugh at the silliest things.  It’s pausing to give my wife a hug and telling her that I love her as we go about our day.   It’s walks in the park listening to the leaves crunch under our feet.  It’s meeting clients that have become friends for coffee and chatting about wedding stuff.  It’s making a meal and sharing it with family.

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that life isn’t the big moments, but the small ones.   I truly love what I do – I honestly can’t image doing anything else with my life.  I’m so unbelievably blessed to share in so many amazing weddings  - and no matter how lavish or simple, I give a little piece of myself to each one. 

I was recently meeting with a new client and was asked if I had any favorites weddings from over the years. As I thought about it, I answered honestly and said no.   I don’t have favorite weddings, but what I do have are favorite moments from each and every wedding.  This question stuck with me over the last few days.  I began to think about all the weddings I’ve done; and what I’ve come to realize is that the moments that stick with me the most aren’t necessarily the grand ones, they’re often simple little moments, gone in the blink of an eye even though the memory of them stays with me. 

They’re tearful hugs. They’re slow dances and jokes told amongst friends.  They are smiles from parents or sunset moments with my couples.  They are waves crashing against the shore, strolls through orchards or the standing wet in the rain to make a photograph.  You see, at the end of the day, I give you my images from your day but your day gives my images meaning.  

Weddings are only a single day – they are fleeting and temporal.  They are filled with so many amazing moments that are gone like wisps of smoke carried on the breeze.  But those moments have a life; they existed, they breathed and sometimes the memory of those moments lives on in my images.

Be lost in the present moment. Experience it fully and with your whole heart. I think you’ll be surprised at what it is that sticks with you the most.

Erica & Michael - A Presque Isle Engagement Session

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Camille & Brian - A Surprise Marriage Proposal

He secretly arranged to have her family and closest friends picked up by Lolly The Trolly so he could propose to her in the middle of Playhouse Square! And then we totally snuck out of the after party to grab a few photos as the sun set on the city!

Katie & Adam's Romantic Maroon and Gold Whitehall Wedding

Tuesday, August 1, 2017
Some things are eternal – like the genuine expression of love.   You can actually see it.  After all these years of photographing couples, I’ve learned to watch for it.  It’s subtle changes in the smile, a sparkle in the eye, the softness of a touch or the pure sound of laughter.  It always comes when two people loose themselves in the moment, the guards are down, the world fades and all that is left is pure, raw emotion.  It’s amazing to see and never ceases to tug at my soul, for I know, in the space of only a few heartbeats, love – true love is there.

Katie and Adam are amazing. The first time I saw that expression of love from them was on their sunset engagement session last year.  One frame from that shoot stands out in my mind – it was the pinnacle image for me.  Near the end of the session, standing alone on a private beach as the sun slowly vanished against the horizon, Katie and Adam looked at each other, and there it was – joy; pure, unfiltered joy at being together.

Fast forward a year to their wedding day and that image was still in my mind.  The halls of Whitehall Columbia were gleaming, the polished white marble serving as perfect backdrop for the delicate floral pieces that adorned the space. The hum of excited conversation drifted from the dance floor, candles flickered gently creating a warm, romantic feeling to the environment.  It was from this scene that I took Katie and Adam.  We headed outside – the sun once again setting, casting a golden glow across the land.  In this quiet space, they came together on their wedding day as husband and wife for a few more pictures:  the song of birds and the gentle rustling of the leaves replacing the sounds from inside.  Under an old tree, as the sun slowly vanishing for the night, Katie and Adam stood alone – the pomp and festivities of the day momentarily forgotten as they lost track of the world and just allowed them selves to be, not husband and wife, but madly, deeply in love.    

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