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Lia & Courtney - A Wedding Day Peek

Thursday, January 19, 2017
Night had settled upon the city cloaking the once busy streets in a veil of darkness. The normal hustle and bustle of the day was replaced by soft glitter of Christmas lights while the streets in this part of the city fell still and quiet. Here and there we could see glimpses of partygoers dressed in their best heading off to New Year’s Eve celebrations.  The night air was windy and cold, but in spite of the weather outside, everything about Lia and Courtney’s wedding felt warm and inviting - delicate flowers adorned the tables while the soft glow of candlelight created a romantic and inviting atmosphere.

Lia and Courtney are simply the sweetest! They both have such kind and genuine hearts and are totally perfect for each other.  I love when couples wear their hearts on their sleeve – the open expression of love makes me smile.  No fear of judgment, no need to control the emotions – just pure, unfiltered love.  It’s the stuff of photographer dreams, and these two wore such smiles of love and happiness upon their faces that it was hard not to smile right along with them. 

As the night wound on and the end of the year approached, the sounds of music, laughter and happiness filled the halls.  Dancing surrounded by their friends and family, Lia and Courtney celebrated the start of their new life together.  An evening of celebration that was born in the stillness of night was the perfect mixture of beginnings and ends. As a year ended, a marriage began – and I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to celebrate it all than by being with these two amazing women.