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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Chasing Light 2015

Sunday, January 3, 2016
One of the things I love most about doing this post every year is looking back at all the adventures that Am and I shared. It’s a chance to relive all the memories of the past year and to share with all of you some of the images that I made because something about it spoke to me.

 This year we embarked on our biggest adventure yet.  Our trips spanned the entire width of the country – we literally drove coast-to-coast.  We were places that inspired awe; where the unimaginable beauty of the land created lasting impressions upon our hearts.  We were places whose warmth and charm invited us to turn a short trip into a lifetime spent meandering quiet streets and little boutiques.  We stood in silence before giant cathedrals of stone and sheltered from the warm sun beneath the shade of ancient trees.  We walked down historic streets and across vast ancient lava fields.  Cameras in hand, we explored distant lands and places in our own backyard. We may have been chasing light, but it was really our hearts that guided the way.

There is something truly magical about taking a photograph - to create something tangible that the eye can see and that the heart can feel.  Photography isn’t about the grandness of the scene in front of the lens.  It’s about the stirrings of the soul and the gentle persuasion of the heart. It is simple things - beautiful things.  I sometimes find myself taking a picture of something incredibly ordinary because, for one brief moment, something about it felt extraordinary.

So as we take our first few steps into this new year, remember to take a some time to pause every now and then and see the world, not with your eyes but with your heart – and maybe take a photograph.

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